Atis Elevator And Escalator Company

With more than two decades of experience in the field of selling and importing elevator packages, Atis Elevator and Escalator Company has succeeded in taking effective steps in the elevator industry by employing expert forces and keeping up with the world’s developments.

ATIS Elevator & Escalator

We Move More Than 500 Thousand People Daily

Some Our Portfolio Throughout The Middle East




Wittur Elevator

Imported Package And Ckd

Toshiba Elevator

Imported Package And CKD

Green Lift Package

Imported Package And Ckd

Why ATIS Elevator And Escalator?

     Atis Elevator Company Has A Design And Assembly License From The Ministry Of Industry, Mining And Trade

 √    Licensed By Iran Electromechanical, Elevator And Escalator Union

 √    Member Of Iran Elevator And Escalator Manufacturers Association

     It Has A National Elevator Standard From The Standards Department

     Member Of Iran Elevator And Escalator Syndicate

 √    Member Of Iran Chamber Of Commerce

   Has A Certificate For Determining The Qualification Of Service Companies

 √    The Largest Exhibition And Permanent Store Of Elevators And Escalators

     Has Bsen81 Iso Certificate (Elevator- Escalator- Lift Standard)

 √    Iso 1006 Certificate (Quality Management In Projects)

     Iso 1004 Certificate (Customer Satisfaction Monitoring)

 √    Iso 9001 Certificate (Quality Management)

 √    Registration Of Atis Trademark And Atis Brand

  Has A Business License From The National Association Of Elevators And Escalators

ATIS elevator company has more than two decade experiences in importing elevator, escalator and produce the diffrent kinds of componenets and after sale services has been successful in gaiting important steps in this field of activity, by using experts advanced equipments and modern knowledge.

Cabin &

Atis elevator cabins and LOPs & COPs are made of the best and highest quality materials in the world

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